About One Page Books

The Original One Page Book Company was started over 35 years ago and we are proud to say that we continue to offer our products to customers/friends all over the world.

We started in the Fall of 1988 with the original introduction of our William Shakespeare collection. Our original collection and still our most popular combines both art and reference.  Anyone who appreciates and enjoys the work of William Shakespeare will understand why this is such a unique product.

Our William Shakespeare provides the entire text of Shakespeare’s most famous works. They are an elegant gift, a work of art and a work of reference too. They are easily readable on the wall of a conference room, foyer of a theater or a prominent place in your home.

In the Spring of 2002, we introduced our Bible collection. These texts of entire Books of the Bible became instant classics for us almost immediately and continue to be today. Each print from the Old Testament (New International Version) is a beautiful “one-page” editions – remarkable works of art, designed to be displayed in homes, places of worship, offices, conference rooms, libraries, and schools.

The Summer of 2012 brought our Children's classic collection to life. A beautiful line of prints that have been favorites of children for literally centuries. Each one carries the entire text of a Children’s classic story, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty, and the Beast are currently available as is a full-size print of Alice in Wonderland.

All of our prints are printed using archival inks on fine quality art paper. They are not simply produced using a laser printer with a random image inserted. Each print provides a stunning centerpiece illustration created exclusively for us by Mary GrandPre who is perhaps best known for her illustrations on the Harry Potter books.

One Page Books has been a labor of love and continues to sell the cherished prints now for over three decades. We hope you enjoy and love your prints!