Single Page Books Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Excellent! I was extremely pleased with the packaging and shipping of the product and even more pleased with the product itself. If you are in need of a unique gift, or present for yourself, I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.

- M Lemily


Thank you Richard – you have my business. I think your books are a GREAT idea – FYI, I’ll be buying 2 Romeo & Juliet’s and 1 Macbeth. I can’t wait until you have the books of the Bible available. I recommend you have Job in the first line-up. Merry Christmas to you too!

- Sally


I just wanted to compliment your company on the way you recently handled an order I placed. I ordered one of your A Midsummer Night’s Dream posters for a friend for Christmas. It was delivered promptly as promised, but when I opened it to see what I’d purchased, a corner of the poster was ripped. It looked like this might have happened as it was being packaged, and it wasn’t severe, but I was obviously upset to have spent $40 on a damaged item. I called and spoke to a woman-I wish I had gotten her name. She was very understanding about my frustration. She took my name, address, and phone number and assured me that a new print would be mailed to me that evening so I would have plenty of time to get it framed and wrapped for my friend before Christmas. She wasn’t sure what the return policy was for damaged items, but she told me she would let me know if I needed to return the ripped poster. I was pleased to find the note from UPS yesterday when I got home from work; they had left my poster with my neighbors. I work in the Communications department for a Fortune 500 company, and customer service is something we strive for each and every day. It’s always nice to do business with another company who appears to feel the same way. Please know that I will be ordering from you again in the very near future, and I will definitely tell others about the caliber of service I received. Thank you! 

- L Powell


A friend got one of your prints as a gift, and it is great. Thanks!

- J Marion


Hi. I’m the production manager for Arizona Classical Theatre in Prescott. Our artistic director received an advance copy of your version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as a gift from a friend apparently through the good offices of your Mr Laidler. We love the product. Thanks very much.

- S Ayres


I am writing to confirm receipt of the Midsummer Night’s Dream poster this morning. The piece looks lovely. :)

- DoubleDay Books Director


How exciting!!!! I loved seeing the demo at Book Expo America. I wanted to send this as a gift. I’m interested in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Henry V” – specifically their availability. Thank you again for taking a personal interest. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again…

- L Kent


I don’t particularly care for Shakespeare, having been forced to read so much of it in college. But I needed something for the wall of my office, something politically neutral and unoffensive. Something that projected a certain sense of class and style. Well, this art print certainly fit the bill. I was enamored with the attention to detail and vivid colors. Many of my clients have commented on it as well. When I get a bigger office, I would like to add additional titles from this series.

- Amazon Customer


A truly stunning idea – it looks incredible !!!! As a lover of Shakespeare since high school, I have a fairly large collection of Shakespeare books, audio cassettes, and videos, and I regularly visit the festivals around the country. However, ALL is surpassed by my One Page Book of Macbeth. When I opened the tube and unrolled the play, I was blown away … it really is the whole play on one page. I took it to Deck the Walls to have it framed and now it sits in pride of place in my study. It works as a work of art and I can just walk up to it, look for familiar lines. I love it. I will eventually have the whole collection if I can find enough wall space!! It’s such a great idea and I would recommend it to anyone, whether you’re a Shakespeare scholar or just someone with a casual interest. I tell you, if your short of ideas for a Christmas, this is definitely something different.

- Amazon Customer


This has to be the perfect gift, to give or receive. It’s timeless. A complete Shakespeare play on one, elegant page. I’ve had mine framed; it hangs in the hallway and draws people like a magnet. Needless to say, I shall buy further editions for friends and family. Great idea!

- Amazon Customer



 I am a librarian at the Seminole County Public Library in Florida. Your posters are a beautiful and a relevant addition to our environment …I think your product has a lot of potentials. Thank you.

- J Tate