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Beauty and the Beast

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Enjoy the entire text of a classic French fairy tale written by Charles-Perrault on heavyweight fine art paper with original illustrations. Each 16x20 sized print is the perfect artwork for any nursery or kid bedroom wall. 

One Page Book Details:

  • 16in x 20in Print
  • The entire text of this classic children's story
  • Heavyweight fine art paper
  • Readable type size
  • Original illustrations
  • Shipped in a heavyweight tube
  • 30-day money back guarantee 


The Beauty and the Beast Story

Once upon a time, there was a handsome but heartless prince, whose selfishness caused an enchantress to turn him into a hideous beast. He had only one hope for freedom: winning a woman's love despite his ugliness. The years passed; the Beast remained alone. Then one day, Maurice, a poor inventor, accidentally stumbled upon the Beast's lair. The angry Beast instantly swore to kill him -- until he saw Belle, Maurice's lovely daughter, who had come to the palace to fight for her father's life. The Beast promised not to harm Maurice on one condition: Belle must stay with him. And so began Belle's lesson in the true meaning of beauty... a lesson that would bring her love and happiness ever after.